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Brian dropped out of Georgetown University law school to move to Los Angeles and become a surfer. You might think that’s enough embarrassing career decisions for one lifetime, but while in LA Brian mentioned his dream was to live in an exotic location, open a taqueria, and write. After his advertising profession took him to San Francisco, Park City, Utah, and London, he moved to Romania where he now hosts MexiCali Cantina pop-up nights and writes with bemused wonder at the machinations of destiny and the consequences of questionable decision making.

If you like stories about cannibals who only eat vegans, rock stars who uncover the secrets of the universe, or crystal-obsessed women who ¬†become Mayan goddesses, then you’ve waltzed into the right literary kitchen. Brian serves up fiction and social commentary¬†with spicy laughs and a faint aroma of oh, no.

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about the author

Brian Abbey is a writer who explores the humor, peculiarity, and social implications in everything from food to philosophy. Sometimes it’s real world stuff and sometimes he has to make sh#t up.